Why you can charge big bucks for something that is “convenient”

Convenience Is King.

You don’t have to be following any business/marketing blogs for very long to read statements like;

“Content is king” … OR

“You got it all wrong, Email is still and always will be king”…OR

“No no dumb-dumb, social media is the king”

Can I just put this out here? The factor that holds all of these together. The reason why your latest video gets watched, your email gets opened your ebook gets downloaded is because of the convenience.

Convenience. Convenience for the customer. The ease of reading email straight from our iphones wherever we are. Checking out the latest posts from our favourite blogs whilst in awkward lunchtime encounters at work.

In Derek Halpern’s latest video he explains how people are willing to pay top dollar for convenience.

  • Uber lets you book a taxi at the click of a button (the cost is practically double)
  •  Pre cut fruit cost 2 to 5 x more money than whole in tact fruit – it eliminates the need to cut it yourself so they charge that extra $.
  • Next day delivery sure is handy. Those of us that hate waiting, we are happy enough to pay the more than doubled charge than standard delivery cost.

So it is quite clear how leveraging the convenience factor can help increase profits in your business.

How can you create convenience for your customer? It maybe something as simple as creating a ebook which answers every possible fear and question they could have when using your product. Or it could be a more elaborate service like offering 24 hour live chat support….Who knows?

All you have to do is create an option where you do 100% of the work for them, where you make it so ridiculously easy, so damn convenient that they will wonder why you aren’t charging an even higher price! Convenience is king…




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