The Number 1 mistake businesses make when using social media


When you get a good idea. The type you know will get your audience talking. You plan it. You write it. You perfect it.

Its finally ready to unleash like a marketing fireball.

You hit post. You hit publish. You hit send. BOOM!

“Surely putting my best content on all the social media platforms I on will get it out there to the masses…right?”

You would think so. But unfortunately no. Putting all your content on every social site you can think of just isn’t as effective as we would all like to think. (sad face)

The fact is that by using this technique – all it does is cause your content to get lost in the already heavy populated world of social media.


To succeed in your chosen platform(s) you must blend in. That is to say – use the popular style/trends of that site.

Can you imagine seeing a piece of well written sales copy on a tumblr blog? (That thought makes me cringe!) The copy would just get lost. It isn’t what you see on tumblr and is not what tumblr is widely used for. Readers will instantly scroll past it (or give it a quick look of disgust) and then carry on their internetting…

So here are 2 easy to use guidelines for fast-track social success!

1. Spot the popular trends on your chosen site – How were they executed? 

2. Think of creative ways to get your message across using these styles/trends.

…Pretty darn simple right?

So lets say you were ready to promote your latest video series.

Instead of throwing your content out into the world (and hoping something would stick?) You could first, post a preview of your series on Youtube (that ones pretty obvious)

Then create a GIF of some of your footage on tumblr.

Next, you could create a Vine using some of the “behind the scenes” clips you have.

Then you could hold a Q & A about your new content and product on twitter.

And of course you can go on and on and on…but I would recommend focusing on just a few social sites – especially for newbies – maybe even like 1 or 2. Its better to have a real impact in a couple, then just barely scratching the surface of many!

So try this approach – It may take a little more time and a little more creativity – but it will stop your content getting lost and going unnoticed.



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