3 Silly things that make subject lines scream “you should really open this email!”

1) The use of digits – “Because digits stop wandering eyes.” So how many times have you seen subject lines with things like;

“7 ways to boost your brain power”

“3 steps to a great night sleep”

“10 facts about sunflower seeds..”

Countless times I imagine.

Thats because numbers often represent facts – us humans LOVE facts.

Digits also catch the eye. So for anyone scan reading your email subject line, using a number can stop them and encourage them to read on.

If anything, this technique is overused. I know I know I used one in the title of this post… but its hugely effective so it will continue to be used. And used….and used.

2)Create curiosity – In a world where we are bombarded with email, its a must that you give your recipient a reason to open your email. Make it stand out. Make sure it doesn’t just become another SWIPE – DELETE.

One way to avoid the pit of rejected emails folder is to give them a reason to open your email in the first place. Something that will make them go “hmmmm..”

You can do this by ;

– Simply telling your reader whats inside your email – and why they need to read it.

– Pulling an interesting quote or message from the content of the email and using that as the subject line. The best example I’ve seen of that today was from the “email goo roos” Ben Settle – In an email where he his promoting his latest podcast, he crafted the subject line “My goal was to give him a heart attack” Now I just had to open that sucker up and find out what the heck he was on about.  Of course the quote was related to his podcast – so I then went on to listen to that. Curiosity is a powerful psychological trigger.

A popular technique lately to really fire up the curiosity within the reader is to give them an added incentive to read on. For example – “My house seems so boring after seeing these 33 awesome things, I want them all, especially number 5”

That last little bit – “I want them all, especially number 5” …How can you not wonder what number 5 is now if its the most awesome of the 33 awesome things? When used in the right place, an extra little incentive can be very effective.

3) No capitalisation. This being the silliest of all the silly things that make subject lines scream “you should really open this email” is something I have only just started to notice.

When we receive an email where each word starts with a lower case letter – it gives the message a much friendlier and less “corporate” look.

My theory?

We get so much email from large retailers and online stores (most who don’t have a clue about effective email marketing) whose emails are written in such a professional manner – just like they are writing to a large crowd of faceless people instead of like they are speaking to a friend (how they should be written)

They will use proper English, no slang, no personality, no human touch.

Each Word In The Subject Line Will Be Written Like This.

So when we receive a message without this “professional business- corporate like look”  its refreshing.

It reminds us of email exchanges between our close friends.

If you have ever signed up to the world wide successful online marketer Brendon Burchard you would see that nearly all of his subject lines are like that. No capitalisation. Just an enticing sentence, written like it was only sent to you.


Bonus tip – There really are no rules. There will alwyas be diffrent trends – the latest thing that works. So experiment. Be a rebel and try something new. Dare to be different!





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