Your 4 Types Of Customers – and the simple way to attract more of the 3rd type


If like me you work or have worked in a retail store, you probably know how fascinating (and often predictable) customers are.

You would have seen and interacted with countless customers day in and day out.

Being at the front line of service for your employer gives you a great view of who exactly is walking through the doors.

….And really, there are only 4 main types of customers. Each which you can uniquely cater towards.

Here they are;

1. The Impulse customer.

These are the people who cant resist a bargain – or simply cant resist to buy stuffs! Create beautiful looking displays for this type of folk. Put your most interesting products in the space where your customers queue – preferably something they can easily pick up and explore, something thats too irresistible not to add to their basket.

2. The wandering customer.

Now these often create the largest amount of traffic for a shop – but the smallest amount of sales. Of corse you will see a rise of wandering customers at different times of the year. The location of your store will coincide with the amount of wandering customers you receive.

Wanderers have no real reason to be in your store, they may just be killing time, or meeting a date. Yet Its still very important to provide these customers with excellent service and hope they are also impulse customers.

3. The loyal customer.

God love the loyal customer. You should keep in regular contact with these. Through email/post/phone. These are the ones who can and should influence your buying and merchandising decisions.

A good idea may be to set up a loyalty scheme. Have tailor made –  exclusive offers only for them to let them know how cherished they are. Even a simple thank you note will go a long way.

4. The need-based customer

The most common type of customer aka -the need-based customer  would have found your business through specifically requiring a product -whether it be through referral or a good ol’ google search.

This group offer the greatest opportunity to grow into loyal customers.

How is this done?

By providing them with such an outstanding service that we will be sure to return.

Because people will always favour the place where they received the best service – even if it is a little more expensive then alternatives.

So strive to deliver an excellent service, go the extra mile, get them to opt in for future offers and let them know about the other products you sell.

A satisfied customer can easily become a loyal customer.