Sky high your click through rates with these quick and easy tips


Quick post here for you.

…its a kind of checklist to help make sure your copy is getting the most possible clicks.

Each of these tips are extremely effective. So put them to good use in your emails, sales letters and general copy.



To it!

If the reader doesn’t click the links in the email you can’t sell them anything.

But most people are bombarded with email daily, which results in them just scan reading the copy.


  • Keep your email short and sweet
  • Design them so the more important elements stand out
  • Use bold text for benefits and power words
  • Use 1 or 2 sentence paragraphs
  • Use special characters to separate important text from the rest
  • Use extra white space for important text from the rest (and call to action links)
  • Front end load your sentences with benefits and power phrase

And I’m guessing you really want them to click that link,to share that post or to take some form of action.

So try..

  • Using strong calls to action in your emails – but don’t use too many! ideally just one.
  • Putting the benefits in the text of the link
  • Including the same link twice (once near the top of the copy and once at the bottom)
  • Using first person in your anchor text e.g – “give me the ebook”
  • injecting scarcity – an offer isn’t an offer without a deadline.

Clickety click!

Hope you give at least a couple of these a try!

They may be very simple, (and easy to apply)  but its the exact techniques the pros are using.

The above help increase click through rates and make your copy look incredibly enticing to read.

So all the best,