eben pagan

3, 2, 1 …


So have you heard the marketing goo roos say this lately? – Your website has 3 seconds to get the customers attention. 

Thats 3 measly seconds.  To get them interested. To get them to engage with your content. 

Otherwise they are gone. Gone to look at the billion other things there are to do on the internet. Like watching this hilarious basset hound clown car video. Adorable!

So in these 3 seconds your website should answer 3 questions for the visitor.

They are;

  1. What is it?                                             What exactly is your business? Can it be summed up in a sentence or logo?
  2. Who is it about?                                   Is it just a profile about yourself or is aimed at how your business can help the customer?
  3. What do I get?                                      If theres nothing of value offered for the customer, then whats the point of them staying?

When your homepage answers these 3 crucial questions it gives the visitor reason to be on your website – reasons to stay.

Which was the last site you visited where you found yourself instantly interested, instantly hooked shortly after arriving. Where you immediately knew what the website was all about and rushed to enter your email and opt in? Study it, and see how they achieved this.

Start with the results your customer wants and what they get from you and then put this at the front of your marketing. 

Perfect this – and then after 3 → 2 → 1 you wont lose vistors to hilarious dog videos. You may have a new subscriber, a new fan, a new customer.