Robin Sharma’s 8 steps to Elite Performance

Email email eeeeeeeeeeemail! Sure have been getting alot of email lately.

Its normal for this time of year - what with so many online courses from all sort of gurus and experts now enrolling for their premium teachings.

You know how it works - they send you Content. Content. Content . Offer/Sale.

And thats great because its highly effective and generous of them. 'Cuz into todays economy "to sell the house, you have give away the back garden for free! "I cant remember where I heard that but I thought it just sums up the latest selling strategy by entrepreneurs and even big brand companies perfectly.

So with all the amazing valuable (free and premium) content available to us at this time of year, one person I think you should definitely be taking notice of is Robin Sharma. He just finished up his "content.content.content.Offer/sale marketing strategy. And to finish up and really get the prospect motivated he gave away 26 + minute video titled "The First Day Of Your Best Life."

Here he describes 8 ways of living a ridiculously successful life! This video is pure gold and I cant believe he gave it away for free and it is STILL available to watch online - for how much longer though I do not know?

So watch it whilst its still up because it really is a masterpiece. You can just sense the amount of time and effort he put into it to make it as valuable and inspiring as possible! Heres the link -

Oh and if you have not got half hour spare to watch the video - I have shared my notes below. I hope they help!

8 Steps To Elite Performance
1) Develop your reality distortion field - GO BIG! Sell yourself on your vision and your goals for the next 12 months. 2) Find your Sistine chapel -the secret of passion is purpose - once you know your mighty why - the "how's" just begin to show up 3) Leave the echo chamber - leaving the echo chamber means you stop being an echo of the beliefs and the lives of the people around you - that you have the bravery to cut free from the herd, and start thinking for yourself versus buying into the definitions of success and achievement that society has sold you, as the way to happiness and a life of meaning. To have the results very few have, you must begin to live as very few do 4) Join the generosity economy -become a giver, not a taker. Our lives come alive when we give. 5) Walk with giants - we become our associates - if you're the most intelligent person you know, then it's time to know new people. Start spending time with people whose lives you want to be living 6) Protect great days - if you commit to achieving 5 little goals each day for 30 days that = 150 little wins within a month - 1850 little goals in a year! So protect great days by foregoing about doing grand acts of achievement, and, instead among each of your 24 hour gifts a splendid symphony of super-tiny successes - your days are your life in miniature 7) Get smarter by getting fitter - real wealth is health. Making a commitment to getting into the fittest condition you've ever been in is a complete game - changer. Exercising every morning releases BDNF - brain-derived neurotrophic factor. You will have more drive, grip, energy and intelligence 8) Become a serious investor in you inc - make a serious commitment to investing in your personal growth. The fastest way to double your income is to triple your investment in learning and self improvement